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I Was In Heaven at The Vintage Trade Show!

October 29, 2010

I love vintage clothing because it has more personality, soul, and is unique.

What a satisfaction when someone asks you about your hat, and you got it at the vintage store, you know that it was the only one and nobody else is going to have it. Its yours, you choose it, it chose you, and it’s almost ceremonial for me to go in a vintage store because what you are going to find isn’t dictated by a trend, but by your own personal style, your taste, you!I like the fact that somebody else wore it, enjoyed it, and it’s cool to know that this person was living in an other era…I bought a hat from the 1930’s and was wondering about the woman who first bought it. Did she buy it for an occasion? What did she look like? What was her personality like? The beautiful thing is that, even if we are from different eras, we had something in common, because we liked and wore the same hat.

Vintage clothes definitely have an energy, and I like to own it in my time, with my style and my own aura.

Here is a snapshot of the Vintage Trade Show, enjoy…

The look of the day

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  1. November 4, 2010 5:36 pm

    hi- we want to see a picture of you in the ‘grrr ‘ coat ! 🙂
    xo hannah and vita

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