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Jules’s Kim The StreetStyle Diary of a very inspired designer

August 12, 2010

Jules Kim has her own universe, and possessing a jewel from Bijules is an escapade to it. Everything she creates is meaningful and inspired, either from personnal experience, history or a piece of her imagination. She is inspirational to anybody who encounters her, and since I had the opportunity, I decided to capture a glimpse of her personal style in New York, and in Paris during the Haute Couture Fashion Week where she presented the first Bijules Haute collection…Et voila!

The busy life of a Lower East Side trendsetter…

Even in Paris, she stays authentic to her style …

Now that we saw her style  let’s see Jules Kim’s jewelry

Let’s explore Bijules, by starting by the haut de gamme Bijules’s Haute.

Bijules’s Haute Couture Collection: ”Le Nez de Tycho”

Here is a sneak peak of Bijules’s Haute presented in Paris during the Haute Couture Fashion week. Jules likes to invite us into her universe, so every piece has a history around it.

This collection has been inspired by an sixteenth century alchemist who lost his nose during a duel, and made himself a new one at of gold, how cool is that?!

Let’s start with the Articulated Finger Ring

My favorite, les Levres Fumeuses

Now that we seen the Haute Couture collection, let’s take a look, at some of my favorite pieces from Bijules…

The Lost Boy

The Bony Bar Ring
The Bony Knuckle Ring

The Bord Skull nail ring

The Amefyst ring

Le Bij by Bijules is available at Urban Outfitters too!!

And now Le Bij with the signature bar ring in recycled plastic is available at Urban Outfitters in 6 fun colors!

And also, the nail ring

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  1. August 12, 2010 10:11 pm

    merci mon chouchou! you’ve covered a lot! welcome to my world!

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