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Streetstyle with Jules Kim; a unique girl that makes jewelry for people who want to make a statement, vive Bijules!!

June 9, 2010

Everything from Bijules is unique and meaningful because Jules Kim is a very inspired jewelry designer.

Jules has her own universe where the past makes love to the future to give birth to beautiful creations. Her first Haute Couture Presentation in Paris blew everybody’s mind when she told us that she was inspired by a sixteen century alchemist Tycho Brahe, who lost his nose during a duel, and made himself a new nose out of gold.

That’s what Jules and Bijules is all about; a story around unique jewelry.

Jules Kim is not a follower, she is defenetely a leader, so interning for her has inspire me to not be afraid to do my way and to be confident about it…I love streetstyle so I decided to share with you some of her looks. Jules style is daring, can be a mix of vintage and new, and she has a personnal style wich comes from her mind and not the runway ¬†wich is rare today, she wear what inspire her.

In New York…

And in Paris during the Haute Couture Fashion Week…

Some pieces from The Haute Couture Collection inspire by the alchemist Tycho Brahe

Les levres fumeuses for the ones who wanna smoke with style and intrigue everybody else..

The articulated finger to make a statement…

My favorites pieces from Bijules collection

The Bone Bar Ring

The Lost Boy

The Bony Knuckle Ring

The Amefyst Ring

The Bird Skull Nail Ring

The Gully Ring

And now available at Urban, Le bij, the signature bar ring style in colorful, recycle plastic for only 18$!!
And also the nail ring!!

If you want a piece of Bijules, now you have options!

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