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Bonjour and Welcome to “La Fille du Lower East Side”!

April 17, 2010

Today, “the look of the day” and “the streetstyle”  have been taken at my school, Fit wich stand for Fashion Institute of Technologie . I go there to study Fashion Merchandising, but I also get inspired by some of the students looks.

Aujourd’hui,” le look du jour” et la rubrique “la rue est belle” ont ete pris a mon universite, FIT(Fashion Institute of Technologie). J’y etudie le marketing de la Mode, mais j’y trouve egalement inspiration a travers le style de certains etudiant.

The look of the day: In the classroom of Professor Antee.

Le look du jour: Dans la classe de professeur Antee.

The look of the day have been taken in the classroom of professor Antee, who teach Fashion Industrie.Its my favorite class because Prof. Antee always has funny anecdote related the lecture of the day, and we don’t only learn about fashion  but we also learn life lesson like what to do in case of a fire, or that the best thing you can do for your skin is to not touch it. I can tell you that I havent touch my skin since, lol! I think that a teacher should tell us about thing like that too, it’s helpful!

 Le look du jour a ete photographie dans la classe de monsieur Antee, mon professeur de “fashion industry”. C’est mon cours prefere car monsieur Antee a toujours des anecdotes marrante neanmoins liees au cours, et non seulement il nous enseigne sur l’industrie de la mode, mais egalement sur nous donnes des lecons sur la vie de tous les jours tels que les reflexes a avoir en cas d’incendie. Un jour en classe, il nous a dit que la meilleure chose que l’on puisse faire pour sa peau est de ne pas la toucher, et je vous promets que depuis j’ai garde mes mains tres loin de mon visage!Lol!

Sunglasses from a stand in the street/Blazer:H&M/Black dress:American Apparel

The stylish student of Professor Antee:



Pants,pantalon:Bobby Chain/ Lazer jacket, blouson en cuir: Pikko 1988

What I like about Kristina, is the way she accesorizes her outfits, and at every class I’m exiteed to know what’s it gonna be. That day, for example, I like the way she wores lace tight wich give a romantic side to her look. This beautiful and mysterious brunette have her blog coming up soon, and judging by her style, It’s gonna be good!

J’adore la facon dont Kristina accessorise ses tenues, et toutes les semaines j’ai hate de savoir comment elle sera habillee en classe. Ce jour la, les collants en dentelles etaient sa touche personnelle, ajoutant un cote romantique a sa tenue, j’adore! Cette jolie et mysterieuse brunette aura bientot son blog, affaire a suivre!



 Combishort: Yumi Kumi

I have two class with Elizabeth, and at each of them she is always the fashionable sunshine of the classroom. She look like she come from the tv show “The Hills”, always wear beautiful dress, or jumpsuit, I like that her look is very feminine  and fresh with beautiful colors. The American Beauty!

Elizabeth est le rayon de soleil de la classe. On dirait qu’elle viens tout droit du show tv “The Hills”. Son style est tres feminin, je pense ne l’avoir jamais vue en pantalon en effet, elle porte des tenues tres fraiches,  souvent colorees. Elizabeth represente vraiment la beaute Americaine, resplendissante!

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